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Abusing Intelligence

Michael Tanji has taken aim at the continuous politicization of intelligence at the Weekly Standard in his article Abusing Intelligence.
The politicization of intelligence does not stop with the Senate. This past week the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence voted unanimously to provide access to the classified NIE on Iraq to the entire House membership. By abdicating the role they play on behalf of the rest of the House, every member of the committee has declared open season on the professionals who conduct intelligence operations and their work. The bickering over intelligence issues was almost unbearable when just a handful of representatives had access to classified material; one can only imagine the cacophony that will erupt once over 400 partisans begin clamoring for their chance to score a goal in front of their myopic fans.
Michael's concluding thought is spot on.
The continued abuse of intelligence for partisan political purposes might make it easier to win re-election, but it makes our ability to fight and win wars drastically more difficult.
This reality is in part precisely what has spawned the Victory Caucus.


Excellent point Steve. And the description of last week is aptly summed up in one word - a "cacophony". I've heard better music from a flock of wild blackbirds. At least it made more sense.

Excellent write-up by Tanji. I was steaming when the story came out. At a time for the nations well-being of good intelligence, the Dems fork over everything to anyone.

Our country needs to verify how it places immigrants in large population centers from nations that are hostile to our well being. As a result of Dearborne, we have someone who is openly hostile to our country in Congress.

It may not be a first time someone like Ellis gained access, but we certainly need to rethink immigration standards and begin spreading out the load across the country.

Otherwise, we face the risk of intentional infiltration into our countries highest offices by spies from hostile nations.

Iran could easily send in a refugee, eventually get them elected in such places. This may seem to conspiratorial, but I believe it to be a real danger due to the nature of Islamic radicalism.

Or, maybe even easier. Iran pays off existing Muslim Americans like Ellis.