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What's In A Surge?

Most misunderstand precisely what the 'surge' is in the president's strategy by assuming that it means new units for new deployments. In reality, it is earlier existing deployments in and delayed planned returns out. The Mudville Gazette details, unit by unit, the proper anatomy of 'The Surge.' And it started before President Bush made his announcement.

If that helped and served as the "Beginner's Guide to Getting Your Surge On," as Greyhawk coins it, you can keep up with the nitty-gritty details by regularly visiting MilBlogs, the headquarters of "Free speech from those who make it possible."

While on the topic of group blogs, if you find yourself interested in the above, then you also should then pay a visit to our friends at the Small Wars Journal Blog if you have not already. The blog is a new addition at Small Wars Journal and, like MilBlogs, is another group of warfighters sharing thoughts with the obvious focus on 'small wars' and the topic of counter-insurgency a regular discussion.

Another recommended stop - one I confess that I am only now beginning to make with regularity - is Jules Crittenden. At first glance, it appears a casual political blog. But look a bit deeper and one finds that the politics coverage is almost always within the context of how it relates to and effects US national security and the war effort in the current global conflict. That he calls it "Forward Movement" should serve as a guide as to what to expect.

When I find myself behind on events after a measure of down time, one of the best ways to ramp up on events of significance is to visit the many blogs such as these dedicated to covering and commenting of security-related news. Though it is surely incomplete and missing names and places of others who do excellent work, our RapidRecon blogroll is a pretty good jumping-off point.



H/T for the link to the SWJ - much appreciated as is ThreatsWatch for a source of great info.


Nice set of links, Steve.

I might also recommend two more

The first is the AEI website, where you can download the plan by Frederick Kagan and Gen Jack Keane that it's all based on.

The second is the Whitehouse site, which contains a downloadable "fact sheet" for the "new way forward" in Iraq the president announced last week.