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Welcome Michael Tanji

We would like to welcome Michael Tanji as the newest contributing member of ThreatsWatch. We are also quite pleased to announce Michael’s role as a member of the Board of Directors for the Center for Threat Awareness. With this announcement, Michael Tanji may be new to some ThreatsWatch readers, but behind the published scenes, we have been working very closely with him for several months developing new ideas and most recently contributing substantially to the soon to be published report - Achieving Victory in Iraq.

Michael brings a valuable mix of experience to the table and remains driven by an overriding concern for America’s national security. Previously a supervisory intelligence officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency, he is also a veteran of the United States Army, where he served in a military intelligence role. During his tenure in the intelligence community he developed a broad base of expertise in fields as diverse as information security, signal analysis, computer forensics, and indications and warning. He was also a contributor to analytic efforts of the National Intelligence Council and working-level policy efforts of the National Security Council. More recently he has spoken about intelligence issues at the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute, and has contributed articles about intelligence-related issues to The Weekly Standard.

Michael Tanji is an associate of the Terrorism Research Center and an assistant professorial lecturer at The George Washington University. He also manages his own site, Haft of the Spear, as well as a membership in the intelligence community group blog, Group Intel.

We hope that ThreatsWatch readers will join us in welcoming Michael’s valuable seen and unseen contributions to ThreatsWatch and the Center for Threat Awareness..



Welcome Michael. I look forward to reading your input at the site.

Well, not sure what to think. Its been a long time since I've been here guys. Merely because my browser lost the link and busy, but I found the link and popped on in. So, I'm thinking great. New guy, good to read TW again. Well, I follow the link to HotS and then to John Robb, which then leads me to Fabius Maximus.

I read thru a bunch of depressing gobbledy gook with promises of how things can be done better.

Funny thing is he never seems to launch out an alternative for victory. Even though at each ending he says something like, "Next article will show how we win." He only repeats mantra's of why America loses. Even though, we have not lost. It is pathetic drivel.

Frankly, I smell a something fishy. The fact that John points to him as some expert in which he agrees with - which Fabius may be an expert, does not bely the point that he has a definite agenda and it reeks of Appeasment.

If he had any recommendations of a positive nature on how to actually win a war on foreign soil the smell would not be so bad.

But even his titles on

Not to say that this reflects on you directly Mr. Tanji, but it does on Robb who you pointed to.

In the end, this Fabius Maximus recommends pulling out.

If I were playing poker. I'd lay my odds this guy is paid and bought for by DailyKos, Pravda, or Al Qaeda itself.

I don't know these guys. I recognize they have long years of expertise. But something seems very wrong and I don't like it.

Appreciate your visiting and following up.

Robb, et al, can be hard to take if, like me, you have a tendency to let your emotions get tied up into things. That camp is very cold and calculating, not because they don't give a hoot, but because they can more readily separate themselves and be clinical in their approach.

Frankly, I wish I could do it as easily as they could. I have not read as much FabMax as I would like, but for every critical thinker (not politician) who suggests that pulling out is a/the solution it is often because their solution for victory is unpalatable to those who would actually have to implement it and sell it.

I would be very careful about assigning political leanings to any of this crowd. I have had readers at HotS accuse Robb of being a Dem operative of some sort . . . guess again.

Again, thank you for coming back.


BTW, should have said welcome to you Mr. Tanji. So Welcome! I do respect your background and others. And realize I'm just a civy.

Maximus's site is creepy and reminiscent of a certain Asian twist which I will not mention. After 9/11 I decided to search out all information and came across similar mind twisting text like this.

Cold and calculating as a description does not address the point of contention. In that he will offer a solution in the next article, but never does. And the the titles are misleading as well. I didn't catch on at first, it is a very subliminal technique.

In situations like this where I sense a level of uncomfortable mind twisting, I trust my initial instincts and then sniff around for more evidence.

Heya Mark. All the best and nice site btw @ RoT. Thanks to everyone for their hard work.