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US Embassy in Greece Attacked

Shortly before 6:00am local time, there was an explosion at the U.S. Embassy in Athens, Greece. Fired from the street and over a ten-foot security wall, officials are promptly calling it an act of terrorism. Local police chief Asimakis Golfis said, "There was a shell that exploded in the toilets of the building ... It was fired from street level." [See Update below: Rocket fire from another building struck the third floor of the embassy.]

There is speculation as to what was fired or thrown into the compound, including the possibility that it was an RPG. No one was hurt in the early morning attack.

The attack may be in response to President Bush's speech Wednesday night announcing plans to send more troops to Iraq. The most notorious Greek guerrilla group was the November 17 group, also known as the Revolutionary People’s Struggle, which the Greek government says was disbanded in 2002. However, on November 17 of last year, Greek riot police fired tear gas to break up a crowd of thousands of rioters in front of the US embassy that was throwing stones and chanting slogans such as "Bush the butcher, out of Iraq" and "The USA is the real terrorist."

Under whatever banner today, if any, it could likely be the work of the same individuals who found their leftist group disbanded.

UPDATE: The New York Times includes a quote indicating that it was indeed a rocket attack launched from a nearby building.

“This was a rocket attack launched from a building across the street,” a senior police official told Reuters. “It landed inside a toilet on the third floor of the embassy.”