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November 17 Group Claims Embassy Attack

When news broke regarding the attack on the US Embassy in Athens, Greece, ThreatsWatch immediately directed readers' attention to the November 17 group, also known as the Revolutionary Struggle and the Revolutionary People's Struggle, a Greek leftist guerilla organization with a history of terrorist attacks inside Greece. Though the Greek government officially has considered the group 'disbanded' since 2002, they have clearly not abandon their cause.

News today indicates that Greek authorities have received two phone calls from November 17 claiming responsibility for the RPG attack.

Greek authorities blamed domestic militant groups that have carried out bombings against police and government buildings despite a crackdown on terrorism before the Athens Olympics in 2004.

Police are examining the authenticity of two calls taking responsibility from the group Revolutionary Struggle, which has carried out six bombings since 2003. The shadowy group criticized the United States in past statements, citing treatment of prisoners at the U.S. military detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

While the Greek government has ‘disbanded’ November 17 – and should be commended for their counterterrorism efforts - it is one thing to eradicate its banner, but quite another matter to neutralize the guiding ideology.

Note: Whether or not the Revolutionary Struggle is actually comprised of former November 17 members is a point of contention among many. However, noting that the group now known as the 'Revolutionary (People's) Struggle' emerged onto the scene in 2003, only after the disbanding to the November 17 group, and has taken on much the same persona and bombing tactics, it is highly unlikely that the group is not lead by or significantly comprised of former November 17 terrorists. Events from the late 1990's observed on a timeline are nearly seamless, and indicate little more than a name change on a chart.


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The Washington Times article you link to doesn't say the November 17th group made the two phone calls, as you claim, nor that they claimed responsibility for the Greece bombing. Your blog entry is an opinion piece that pretends to be a news report, IMO. ~Ross

The article says that a group claiming to be the Revolutionary Struggle called twice to take responsibility.

I also make it quite clear why I believe that group is the successor to November 17.

You are correct that this is a blog entry.

The Washington Times is the news report and the MIPT link is a reference for background. The original entry linked also contains a CFR link for added background.