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Iraq For Land?

With the impetus provided by the Iraq Study Group, Jordan, Egypt and other Arab states will also seek to link help on stabilizing Iraq to the Israel-Palestinian crisis when Secretary of State Rice meets with Arab foreign ministers in Kuwait this week.

Moderate Arab governments plan to tell Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice they will help Washington stabilize Iraq if the U.S. takes more active steps to revive a broad peace initiative between Israel and its neighbors, Arab officials and media said Sunday.

The deal, dubbed “Iraq for Land,” is expected to be proposed during a meeting between Rice and her counterparts from eight Arab countries in Kuwait on Tuesday.

Many of these nations have complained about the situation in Iraq in the past and lamented its implications throughout the Middle East. It appears they have been quite capable of participating further in assisting Iraq and this new move may well rightly offend Iraqi and American leaders.


"...if the U.S. takes more active steps to revive a broad peace initiative between Israel and its neighbors..."

Translation: "if the US pressures Israel into giving up land in return for promises by the PA that we all know won't be kept"

Bottom Line: Until the Palestinians give up on their "right of return" a resolution is impossible.

Even when the warrior Sharon ceded all of Gaza...

There are Palestinians who would accept and seek a Palestinian state in its present (or nearly so) geography. Perhaps even a majority.

But there are enough violent individuals and groups that would derail anything short of 'from the River to the Sea.' I would contend that Gaza is a perfect example of this.

Right you are Mr. Schippert! As long as the militant Palestinians see light, they will continue to resist. As I’ve mentioned many times, an Arab diplomat, after the 1948 war, said words to this effect, “The war is not over, we have a secret weapon.” And that weapon was and is “Time.” “Time” for the Arabs to get stronger and “Time” for Israel to lose support.

I initially thought the Iraq War would be a plus for Israel in that it would secured Israel’s northern border----there was always the fear that Iraqi armor combining with Syrian armor would present a formidable challenge as was the case in 1973. But the US military’s lackluster performance in securing Iraq peace combined with the IDF’s failure to neutralize Hizballah in Lebanon continues to inspire Israel’s extremist enemies.