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Hear Steve Schippert on the Radio

After President Bush addresses the nation tonight, Steve Schippert is expected to join Jack Riccardi on KTSA radio. It is currently expected to be at (Update-->) 10:20PM Eastern tonight after the President concludes his remarks.

To listen via the Internet click here.




I did listen, you did a fantastic job!

Wish the interview would have been longer.

Thank you for the (too) kind words, Army Wife.

As to the length of the interview, I did want to expand a bit more on his question of the importance of the recent American action in Somalia, but hopefully the point of its representation of a more pro-active and renewed forward-leaning global posture beyond just Iraq was made clearly enough.

Then again, one should never ask a speaker if he has had enough time. The answer is predictable and consistent.

Thanks again.