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US Senator Meets Assad In Damascus

Apparently, the President of the United States' cooperation is not necessary in implementing the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group's report, as Senator Bill Nelson has taken it upon himself to chart US foreign policy and open direct dialogue with Syria. From the Washington Post:
Political sources told Reuters other members of Congress would visit Damascus before the end of the year, naming Democratic Senator John Kerry and Republican Arlen Specter.

Syrian officials say Damascus is encouraged by the report by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group, which urged President George W. Bush to abandon his policy of trying to isolate Syria and Iran and resume attempts to end the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Nelson and Assad discussed instability in Lebanon, Iraq and the Palestinian territories, the official news agency SANA said.

"There was mutual interest to activate dialogue and putting in place mechanisms for cooperation," the agency said.
That the president has chosen a different national policy and criticized Syria for its support of the terrorist group Hizballah is clearly of little congressional consequence.