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Iranian and Syrian Hands In Beirut Coup Efforts

Dr. Walid Phares continues to provide original sources and excellent coverage of the events swirling through Beirut as Hizballah maintains its coup attempt, seeking to stir clashes between Shi'a and Sunni Lebanese in attempts at inciting chaos. To their credit, the Sunni and Christian Lebanese thus far have not taken the bait.

HizbAllah's Offensive in Lebanon: Day Three

On the third day of HizbAllah’s campaign to takeover the Lebanese Government, more sectors from civil society began to rise. But they weren’t rising with the pro-Iranian militia in as much as they were rising to oppose its move. However on the other hand, it was further noticed that a number of Western media increased their support to Nasrallah’s organization.

From Saturday late night into the early hours of the morning, more incursions by HizbAllah’s elements were signaled inside the traditional Sunni West Beirut. A battle with rocks took place in many streets leaving a number of wounded and one HizbAllah militiaman dead. The Iranian-backed militants staged their “thrusts” into Sunni areas from their launching pad in the “protest” areas in downtown, commonly described by the opponents as the “coup d’Etat” basis. According to sources in the Lebanese Army, the gradual “coup” is taking place with a minute preparation coordinated by the Iranian embassy in Beirut. A “War room,” including HizbAllah, Syrian intelligence, President Lahoud’s secret services, Baath Party, Syrian National-Socialists and representatives from General Michel Aoun’s group, is directing the campaign. [Emphasis added.]

Observers will readily recall similar reports during the summer Hizballah-Israeli conflict that said that there was a 'War Room' running in the basement of the Iranian embassy in Beirut.

Also of keen interest:

On another front, next steps by HizbAllah may include the introduction of Syrian intelligence in the covert operations battle against the Government. Sources in the Lebanese army told Cedars Revolution leaders that “hundreds of armed elements have been crossing the international borders between Syria and Lebanon with sophisticated individual weapons.” Lebanese and Arab newspapers said over the week end that dozens of trucks have crossed the borders and headed to HizbAllah’s bases in southern Beirut and the Bekaa valley.

As noted in an earlier InBrief, there are reports of Syrians instigating conflict with the Hizballah protesters in order to stir up violent conflict between Hizballah protesters and the Sunni Lebanese communities in Beirut. One report appearing in the Arabic-language al-Mustaqbal newspaper said that the Lebanese army had arrested a Syrian who had posed as a Lebanese Sunni and shouted Nasrallah insults at the Hizballah crowd, prompting the response of a 300-person stampede in attempts to catch him. It was described as a Syrian intelligence operation. Another report claimed three Syrians were arrested on a rooftop throwing stones at Shi’a protesters in attempts to start another riot.

Abu Kais provides more detail at From Beirut to the Beltway, excellent companion reading to Dr. Phares' report today.