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Ahmadinejad's Ruse: Right of Return

In an interesting twist to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's insistence that Israel is the cause of all the world's troubles, he told his hosted Holocaust deniers at the Tehran conference that Israel will be 'wiped out' like the Soviet Union was.

“The Zionist regime will be wiped out soon the same way the Soviet Union was, and humanity will achieve freedom,” Ahmadinejad said during Tuesday’s meeting in his offices, according to the official IRNA news agency.

Perhaps Ahmadinejad has not noticed his principal nuclear supporter, Russia's Vladimir Putin, is working tirelessly to piece the Soviet Union back together once again. It is more likely that Ahmadinejad, who for all of his wildly reckless banter is extremely intelligent, is attempting to cloak his calls for Israel's destruction by alluding to the manner of the internal collapse of the Soviet Union.

Ahmadinejad went on:

He called for elections among “Jews, Christians and Muslims so the population of Palestine can select their government and destiny for themselves in a democratic manner.”

Perhaps one day Iranians may be able to do the same without the Mullah regime disqualifying opposition candidates from national and local candidate lists prior to elections.

It is also telling that Ahmadinjad's spiritual mentor, Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi, declared that democracy and Islam are incompatible. According to Yazdi, authority comes from God's will as interpreted by the clerics, not from elections. So what of the championing of "Jews, Christians and Muslims" democratically determining their own destiny? It's a ruse.

This is reference to the Palestinian right of return into Israel. It is one way to achieve a fall from within for Israel, and is precisely what Ahmadinejad is speaking of: Flooding Israel with Palestinians to unseat the 'Zionist' government by pure electoral numbers. What happens after that would surely be decidedly less democratic, once they would presumably have "chosen their own destiny." It is disturbing that the Baker-Hamilton Group called for the 'right of return' issue to be immediatley negotiated between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and regional Arab states.

This will never happen, fancy it as Ahmadinejad and many others may. And this is precisely why when he says that Iran seeks to "wipe Israel from the map," he speaks of open warfare and physical destruction.

He is intelligent enough to recognize that war will be the only way to destroy Israel while simultaneously "paving the way for the return of the Mahdi (12th Imam)."

Thankfully, the latest analysis on the Iranian elections this month indicate that while Ahmadinejad's fiercely messianic circle may possibly net gains, it will not be enough to control the Assembly of Experts for the Leadership and thus unseat Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini and replace him with Ahmadinejad's mystic mentor, Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi. Khameini, after all, controls the candidate list for the Assembly of Experts for the Leadership elections.

A Supreme Leader Ayatollah Yazdi would mean an Iranian regime whose near-immediate regime change through force should be a foregone conclusion.


"This is reference to the Palestinian right of return into Israel."

Yup. What's amazing though is how few people even know what the "right of return" is all about. Most news stories only talk about the settlements, as if they were the only obstacle to nirvana.

Re the Mahdi stuff: Steve, what do you know about the Hojjatieh? I've seen a few articles here and there, and Glenn Beck on the radio talks about it a lot, but virtually nothing from the msm. Thank you!


Steve has posted some on the Hojjatiyeh - and we'll have more. As a general rule though I think its safe to say that little known religious/political groups within Iran aren't likely to get a great deal of MSM coverage - at least not until (or unless) they attain power in a more overt manner.

Thank you, Marvin. Is there a search feature on Threatswatch so I can find those articles? If not, if it's not too much to ask, can you link to them in a comment or send me the links?


You will find a "Search" field at the top of the InBrief main page.

One thing to also keep in mind is that the Hojjatieh sect is extremely apocolyptic and bizarre in practice. Many respected writers - including Bernard Lewis and Amir Taheri - shy away from writing publicly the details of their practices. A well-informed friend in a position to know has said several times that they fear that their practices are so mystic and strange ("truly what you would expect in a comic book" - including the use of crystals, belief in meta-physical powers, etc.) that readers would question the authors' credibility rather than the frightening nature of the Hojjatieh practices themselves.

Yazdi is paranoid and is said to sleep just a couple of hours each day. Again, according to a very well informed friend, Yazdi has good reason to be paranoid. The position he holds within the sect he gained - it was said - by killing his predecessor---trying to remove his "third eye". It's barely believable. Surely some reading this here may think me off my rocker for even echoing what was told to me by an extremely reasonable, objective source who is most definitely not the sensational type. If his followers truly believe he caused a foe to spontaneously combust from afar...well, you're beginning to see why so many credible writers run away from such stories, though they believe them true. Reasonable westerneres will dismiss such things, believing it truly impossible for a group of people to truly and faithfully subscribe to such things and beliefs.

This is what Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi and his young pupil Ahmadinejad bring to the leadership table of the world's foremost state sponsor of international terrorism.

If, in an outside chance, Yazdi's followers win enough seats in the Assembly of Experts from Friday's elections (we'll know Sunday, I believe), they will certainly seek to remove Supreme Leader Khameini - or if his health is as bad as reported, wait until Khameini dies - and replace him with Yazdi himself.

This is unlikely, as Khameini still holds the electoral trump: Power.

However, if the US sees Yazdi assume Khameini's position, the cause for American military action will have exponentially increased.

The Hojjatieh - and Yazdi in particular - are that scary.

Thank you, Steve.

I've actually read a bit about the Hojjatieh, and wrote a post about them on my own blog. The paucity of information about them as prevented me from writing more. Thank you for your information.

I can see now why Western writers shy away from the story.

My general understanding is that the main issue with the Hojjatieh is that they think they can bring about the return of the Mahdi by creating bloodshed and chaos on earth. If Ahmadinejad is sympathetic to that point of view...well, we all know the consequences of that one

You are quite welcome, Tom. Thank you as well.

Unfortunately, Ahmadinejad is far more than "sympathetic to that point of view." He is a true believer and a driving force with the rarity political power.


"If his followers truly believe he caused a foe to spontaneously combust from afar…well, you’re beginning to see why so many credible writers run away from such stories, though they believe them true."

To be clear, the 'credible writers' of whom I speak do not believe that Yazdi caused a man to spontaneously combust. They believe that the Hojjatieh followers subscribe to this thinking, reasoned by the group to be a part of the mystic powers he is touted as having.