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The Unfinished Business of Hizballah

Regardless of yet another UN mandate and an increased UNIFIL presence, Hizballah is not being disarmed in Lebanon. To the contrary. Hizballah is not only re-arming via Iran through Syria, it is retaking its south Lebanon positions and repairing and refortifying its tunnel systems right under the unwilling noses of the UN forces in place. This is why John Keegan of the UK's Telegraph suggests that this summer's war will flare up again in short order. With thanks to Regime Change Iran, the following from Why Israel will go to war again - soon:

Since Israel's reason for existence is to provide a secure base for the Jewish people, and that of the IDF is to act as their shield and safeguard – functions that have been carried out with high success since 1948 – it is obvious that neither can tolerate a zone of invulnerability occupied by a sworn enemy located directly on Israel's northern border.

It is therefore an easy prediction to foresee that the IDF will – at some time in the near future – reopen its offensive against Hizbollah in south Lebanon and will not cease until it has destroyed the underground system, even if, in the process, it inflicts heavy damage on the towns and villages of the region.

It is likely that it will also move against the underground system being constructed in the Gaza Strip. Hamas resupplies itself with arms and munitions brought from Egypt through those channels. Gaza is a softer target than south Lebanon, since it is an enclave that Israel easily dominates.

Americans must always understand that Israel fights for its very survival. A tiny, flourishing nation, its enemies are not oceans away with the occasional attack on the homeland. Israel is immediately surrounded by enemies dedicated to her destruction.