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From The River To The Sea...Still

The world is gathered once again in condemnation of Israel following the errant artillery strike in Beit Hanun that saw 19 Palestinians killed in their homes. This can be seen as a continuation of the criticism levied at Israel during the summer conflict sparked by Hizballah's cross-border attack into Israel. Yet, while Qassam rockets continue to rain on Israeli villages and towns - no fewer than 14 on Thursday alone - criticism of the terrorist attacks ongoing that prompt Israeli military action is rarely heard.

And the calls continue for Israel to rein in their forces and talk to the Palestinians. Yet, Israel talks regularly with Mahmoud Abbas. In fact, Israel's Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh said yesterday that he speaks to Abbas even more than he speaks to any Israeli. But that is not enough, apparently, as the world seemingly seeks Israel's acceptance of the Hamas terrorist organization as statesmen.

Statesmen, perhaps, like Hamas' PA Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar, whose son-in-law, Ahmed Awad, was the chief of Hamas' rocket manufacturing operations. With Operation Autumn Clouds designed specifically to halt the Qassams raining down on Israeli civilians, an Israeli airstrike yesterday 'liquidated' the Qassam-making son-in-law of Hamas' PA Foreign Minister.

Lest anyone lose sight of Hamas' sworn intent to destroy the state of Israel and kill or drive off all Jews from the Levant, MEMRI has gathered Hamas leadership quotes from just the last two months, demonstrating clearly that - Unity government or none - Palestine remains defined by Hamas as "From the River to the Sea." PA foreign minister Mahmoud al-Zahar removes any doubt whatsoever.

"We [aim to liberate] all our lands… If we have the option, we will establish a state on every inch of land within the 1967 [borders], but this does not by any means imply that we will relinquish our right to all the Palestinian lands. We want all of Palestine from [Ras] Naqura to Rafah, and from the [Mediterranean] sea to the [Jordan] river."

Khaled Meshaal from the comfort of his Damascus protectorate:

"Why am I required to [recognize] the legitimacy of an occupying [entity] that is sitting on my land when there are millions of Palestinians who come from the land on which this entity is sitting? It is true that there is an entity called Israel, but I do not wish to recognize it."

From another statesman, PA Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh:

"We [derive our] legitimacy from the legitimacy of the jihad. We are a government born from the womb of the resistance, from the womb of the martyrs... We are a government that comes out of resistance and jihad, and out of the desire for resistance and jihad against the Zionist occupation..."

Hamas continues to draw strong support from Iran, the linchpin of international terrorism, both in arms and cash as well as moral support. Its terrorist leaders are provided safe haven and refuge inside the Syrian captrial of Damascus. Its terrorists have coordinated attacks with and drawn training, arms and financial support from Iran's Lebanese Hizballah, whose leader this week called upon Arab states to send arms to the Palestinians.

There can be little doubt that Israel's war is our war, for the enemy has chosen to intertwine amongst themselves to the point that distinguishing one from another is both difficult and, increasingly, unnecessary.

Civilian casualties are impossible to avoid when the enemy on attack intentionally targeting Israeli civilians embeds himself among his own. Hamas’ leaders are not statesmen and its fighters not soldiers. They are terrorists who openly hate Israel for its Judaism.

While Mel Gibson is branded a racist anti-Semite, somehow Meshaal, Haniyeh and al-Zahar are regarded as statesmen. Someone will need to please explain the incongruence of these portrayals.


Well written, Steve. The double standard applied to Israel is one of the wonders of our age. You have to think that future generations will look back on all this with amazement.


You said, "You have to think that future generations will look back on all this with amazement."

Only if Israel is somehow able to survive the next 50 years. Things don't look so good. The Iraq War, at first thought good for Israel proved to be the opposite. And the pending US pull back is more bad news. Hisbullah is being re-supplied, Hamas is arming in Gaza, and Iran is on the verge of nuclear capability.

In 1948, an Arab leader, after the truce, said they had a secret weapon and that weapon was, "time."

The Saudi initiative to guarantee peace if Israel returns to the 1967 border and offers some concession on the right of return is a ploy to further implement the use of the time weapon.

The final war is coming----the question is will the US participate or let the one-state option be imposed on Israel?!