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China's Accelerated Taiwan Plan

In an analysis published at Monsters & Critics, I noted that "recent U.S. intelligence reports indicate that communist China has accelerated preparations for a possible invasion of Taiwan." While the United States remains engaged in the War on Terror, China's grand strategy - which includes the retaking of Taiwan - remains unchanged and even aided by America's engagement elsewhere. As Taiwan's American protector focuses on the Middle East and terrorism, Taiwan and China tensions continue apace.

Offered are three primary pro-active military steps aimed at enhancing Taiwan's defense and deterring China from offensive military operations against the island.

First, the Bush administration must convince its allies, the American public and in many ways itself, that a growing body of evidence – from the construction of enormous underground bunkers near the city of Shanghai to the development of offensive nuclear weapons – proves without question that China has become a “clear and present” danger to U.S. global interests and world peace.

Second, U.S. force posture in the western Pacific, already being reinforced, should continue, with the addition of another aircraft carrier to the Pacific fleet, amphibious landing ships and support vessels, long-range bombers, attack submarines and fighter aircraft. Existing assets located on the islands of Guam, Japan and Hawaii should be strengthened with the introduction of land-based anti-missile defense batteries and sea-based Aegis ships, creating a “tiered-defense umbrella” to protect against any Chinese aggression.

Third, during the first few hours of any conflict with China, it will be critical for U.S. armed forces to not only withstand an attack, but also to organize an effective counter-offensive – projecting concentrated power at multiple points to eliminate any immediate or latent threats. To achieve this objective, U.S. forces dispersed throughout Asia and the western Pacific must be given the ability to quickly consolidate, making any offensive military operations undertaken by China’s newly christened combat forces extremely difficult.

China increasingly believes it can undertake a lightening strike on Taiwan, occupying the island using a strategy of overwhelming, intense and concentrated force, making the potential costs of island defense and reclamation far too costly for Washington. By making adjustments to improve overall force strength, diversity and rapid-strike capabilities, the U.S can keep Beijing tactically off-balance, making any first strike by China’s military a catastrophic proposition. Finally, with the assistance of our allies in Asia, a new collective defense strategy must be put in place that assures Taiwan’s sovereignty, independent of Beijing’s communist influence.

How the United States responds to the Chinese military posture towards Taiwan will have significant influence over the Chinese communist leadership's decision making process with regards to military action against Taiwan.

As I asked at the conclusion of the analysis offered, could Washington live with a communist controlled Taiwan, or will it defend Taiwan against unwarranted aggression? We may soon find out.


This is the main reason why I voted for Democrats this past election. As a black/Native American as well as personally supporting both the Tibetean and Taiwan independence cause, I have been very concerned about China's military buildup. I also think Democrats will finally move the focus away from Iraq towards China. China is still Communist with its own agenda for the Asian region. My government better not fall asleep on their buildup. If anything, the U.S. should do what is right and support Taiwanese independence if the majority of Taiwanese choose to do so. Also the U.S. should really get rid of the outdated 'one'-China policy and not allow Commander Fallon to reveal too much about our military. Remember, China has yet to do the same for him which they did not. Instead we get news of a submarine trailing one of our carriers. Now that's pretty damn scary. Overall, the U.S should engage more with Taiwan. Taiwan has actually been more than willing to support the U.S. on many crucial issues. Especially along with Japan in enforcing Korean sanctions. Why turn a blind eye towards Taiwan? They may be small, but they have a big, democratic and freedom loving heart. Support Taiwan as a sovereign and independent nation. Thank you.

China vs taiwan
Look Bubba I don't know what you've been doing for the last 6 years but we just got our butts kicked POLITICALLY in Iraq and the Democrats are setting us up for another defeat in battle.
Iran says we are going Nuclear and you cannot do anything to stop it and the Democrats are setting this up for fact.
Korea is making, distributing and launching missiles all over the place and setting off nuclear bombs underground. We cannot stop them the democrats want to give them the same package Clinton did.
So, You want us to do actually what about China invading Taiwan?
How about we spend gold and blood to preserve taiwan independence like we did in Iraq, Afganistan or to help feed the starving like Somalia. bring peace with a Marine barracks such as Beirut.
Or lets just fight an 8 year war then say bye bye and leave the way we did in Vietnam.
I am not prepared to waste one more American life for some Island that in ten years will be screaming about how we caused the trouble in the first place.
I'd say, get real Taiwan, look in the mirror, you guys are "CHINESE" china owns yo a$$.

Barry - past failures can be used to deter future attempts at doing the right thing OR used as a reason to do nothing. We would hold that doing nothing while tyranny spreads is indeed a greater failure.