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Six Plants Great Adventure

Ahmadinejad has reduced the Iranian nuclear defense to the comical. Rather than open Iranian facilities to IAEA technical expert inspections, Ahmadinejad has ordered that Iran's nuclear facilities to open for tourists in order to prove the peaceful Iranian intent.

Iran's president has ordered that the country's nuclear sites be opened to foreign tourists to prove its programme is peaceful, state media report.

No details were given on the nature of the trips, or when they might begin.

Possible attractions would include the plants at Isfahan and Natanz, or a reactor being built in Bushehr.

'Attractions.' What an interesting way to put it. Perhaps Western theme park rides are in the plans for Natanz... like the Barreling Shaheed Water Rapids, the Fission Blast Bumper Cars or perhaps the Screaming Zionist Rollercoaster.

In related news, the Iranian Mejlis is considering fingerprinting US tourists sure to flock to the new Mullah Atomic Parks System (MAPS).