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Pakistani Coup Plot Uncovered

In developments directly tied to the recent discovery of rockets aimed at government buildings along a route normally travelled by Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, the Musharraf government has foiled an apparent coup plot undertaken by both al-Qaeda connected terrorists and members of Musharraf's own military as well as Pakistan's ISI.

The conspiracy was discovered through the naivety of an air force officer who this month used a cell phone to activate a high-tech rocket aimed at the president's residence in Rawalpindi. The rocket was recovered, and its activating mechanism revealed the officer's telephone number. His arrest led to the other arrests.

Other rockets were then recovered from various high security zones, including the headquarters of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in Islamabad.

According to Asia Times Online sources, more arrests can be expected, both military and civilian.

In coverage of the early October discovery of the rockets rigged with cell phone triggering mechanisms (See: NATO: Pakistani Intelligence Aiding Taliban, al-Qaeda), we noted that an explosion that occured near Musharraf's presidential home "was hastily dismissed as unrelated to Musharraf before identifying the source," leading an alert observer to believe that such a hasty dismissal was more indicative of fears than knowledge. Today's news serves as confirmation.

And while President Musharraf publicly offers that NATO wants to copy the ‘Waziristan peace deal’, it is clear that while the Pakistani deal may have delivered them from Waziristan battlefields where they confronted the Taliban and al-Qaeda, it has not delivered Musharraf or his government from danger.