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Message To Musharraf

With today's discovery of two rockets outside the Pakistani parliament aimed at both the Parliament building and afp_pakistan_rocket_05oct06.jpgMusharraf's residence, it is much more difficult to believe Pakistan's quick claims yesterday that an explosion yesterday in a park near Musharraf's home had nothing to do with the Pakistani president.

Yesterday's blast seemed unusual in that there appeared no clear target, initially interpreted here as likely an accidental detonation with more sinister intent, especially when unexploded ordnance was found nearby as well. But with today's find of rockets un-launched but aimed at the parliament and Musharraf's home, the explosion surely was not accidental.

Together they should be seen as a message to Musharraf by al-Qaeda and like-minded Pakistani terrorists: "We can reach you. You are not safe."

Considering that the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance is currently trying to wrest the whole of the North West Frontier Province from Musharraf and the Pakistani government just as it did in both North and South Waziristan, the message is likely intended to twist Pakistani arms to hand over more territory to the terrorists.


We may be witnessing the very early stages of a gradual overthrow of Musharraf and the entire Pakistani government, piece by piece, and the establishment of an Islamic State in the Taliban/al-Qaeda mold...complete with nuclear weapons.

That potential reality should send shivers down the spines of the whole of the West, particularly those in Washington currently focused on political power rather than national security.