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Marines in the Garden of Eden

Richard S. Lowry has graciously granted OPFOR a Special Preview of his book, Marines in the Garden of Eden. A partial excerpt from Chapter 8, titled 'The Euphrates River,' as Marines battled their way into an-Nasiriyah...

The Iraqis were hiding nearby. As soon as the overhead threat was gone, they returned to their gun and resumed dropping mortar rounds into the city. Iraqis all over the battlefield were using this ‘shoot and scoot’ tactic to avoid the Marines’ withering fire.

B204 crossed the bridge and moved into downtown Nasiriyah. They turned right as enemy rounds continued to crackle overhead. Two RPGs narrowly missed Newland’s command track. Santare could see more black-clad fighters. They were hiding behind women and children and forcing families out into the streets to block the Marines line of fire. More gunmen were popping out of doorways and windows. They would unleash a few shots at the Marines and then they would disappear.

There are many books that need to be added to the reading list. Marines in the Garden of Eden is certainly not the least of them. By all accounts it appears a gripping story of a new generation of warriors, men whose names and deeds will be the tales of the double-time cadence calls of our children in their own service, as our fathers and grandfathers were ours.