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Iran’s al-Qods Day Threats Still Ignored

Last Friday, ThreatsWatch published a report on Iran's Qods Day threats, delivered without ambiguity to Europe. [See Friday's: Ahmadinejad Delivers Jihad Ultimatum To Europe] Since writing it, I have been struck by the near absolute silence on the subject.

Ahmadinejad said to Europe quite directly,

“You imposed a group of terrorists [Israel]… on the region. It is in your own interest to distance yourself from these criminals… This is an ultimatum. Don’t complain tomorrow.”

Please forgive as I re-state from Friday: With the above statement, there is no mistaking Ahmadinejad’s words as a state’s threat of war to be principally waged through the terrorism of jihad. Iran is the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism, and no words from any of its leaders have ever made it more abundantly clear.

Again, Ahmadinejad’s ultimatum should be taken with the grave sincerity and literal terms in which it was delivered.

Thankfully, at the New York Sun, Steven Stalinsky has taken note and written a very detailed article on the al-Qods Day events titled Western Press Ignores Iran's Hate-Filled Quds Day. al-Qods Day is a national hliday in Iran that celebrates the coming 'liberation of al-Qods (Jerusalem)' through the destruction of the Zionist (Israeli) regime. Stalinsky notes:

The words "the Zionist regime is a cancerous gland that needs to be uprooted" were written in a communiqué from the Iranian Foreign Ministry in honor of the holiday. Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki held a meeting for other Islamic countries' ambassadors to Iran and told them that Israel's existence would be shattered and that death bells were tolling for the Zionists. At the meeting, the Palestinian Arab ambassador to Tehran, Salah Zawawi, said, "The day for the liberation of Quds Day is close at hand."

Ed Morrissey has also taken note at Captain's Quarters and also cites Mr. Stalinsky's New York Sun article..

Do you recall the massive coverage provided to this event, in which present and former heads of state held a national celebration calling for our destruction? Have CQ readers seen any journalists covering the massive rallies, complete with burning effigies of George Bush and Tony Blair and burning flags of the US and Israel? Did any TV network note that the winner of Iran's Quds Day engineering competition, Isfahan University, produced a design for a pilotless plane to replace suicide bombers in the glorious jihad?

I certainly don't recall hearing anything about this, and I'm a person inclined to follow several media outlets on a daily basis. Western media didn't have any interest in providing this information to its consumers, and one has to wonder why. In the middle of midterm elections, does the media want to keep us from considering this particular threat, and if so, why?

My apologies to Ed. Perhaps I should have sent the Good Captain a note on Friday.

One thing is for certain: We cannot ignore the Iranian threats and pretend that they did not happen or that they do not mean them. That does not serve national security, and recognizing the threat(s) in “the grave sincerity and literal terms in which it was delivered” is not alarmist hyperventilating. Ignoring the threat will not make it go away.

Neither Ed Morrissey, Steven Stalinsky nor Steve Schippert are the ones making the overt threats.

One wonders what part of “This is an ultimatum, Don’t complain tomorrow” from the world’s foremost state sponsor of international terrorism is difficult to understand.