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Hamas Is As Hamas Does

Fresh back from his trips to Tehran and Damascus, Hamas' Palestinian Authority Interior Minister Said Siyam cried out that the US is trying to topple the Hamas-led Palestinian government.

The interior minister of the Hamas-led Palestinian government yesterday said that efforts were under way with help from the United States to remove the militant group from power.

"There is American support for whoever wants to topple the government," Palestinian Interior Minister Sayed Siyam told reporters in Cairo. "Why don't they want Hamas in the government? Is it forbidden [by God]? It came to power through the will of the people and that should be respected." "This is a war waged on the government," Siyam said.

Siyam would love to characterize this as America against the Palestinian government and thus the Palestinian people as a whole, as would more than a handful of others. But the simple fact of the matter is, it is America against Hamas, a group on the State Department's Terrorist Organizations list. Hamas did not achieve its status on that list by political whim or wrangling in Washington. It did so by its own actions, including blowing up buses full of civilians, pizzarias full of young adults on a night out, and restaraunts full of celebrating families during Jewish holidays. Their capital crime: Judaism.

The reason America does not want Hamas in the Palestinian government is because Hamas is a terrorist organization. While the Palestinians had and have every right to elect a terrorist organization into their government's leadership - including al-Qaeda if they so desire - that elected government does not, however, have the right to unquestionable support simply because they were elected freely. With democracy comes responsibility. Choices have consequences, as can be seen by the drying up of international aid money since the terrorists put on the mask of parliamentarians.

The Palestinian people understand these very real consequences clearly, and more so now than in January. This is why Hamas fears early elections being called by Mahmoud Abbas. They will likely lose.

But regardless, this is not a war waged on the Palestinian government – much less the Palestinian people. It is a war waged in many forms against the terrorist group who holds sway within that government. It is a war that had been waged since before Hamas entertained the concept of participating in an election, and it is a war that will be waged long after their seats are reclaimed by other Palestinian parties so long as they continue to vow to destroy the Israeli state.

That Hamas solicits and receives assistance from Tehran and Damascus - in the form of money, weapons, training and expertise - should say enough to even the most casual observer, as both supporting states are also on the State Department's State Sponsors of Terrorism list. Which is precisely what they are doing - sponsoring Hamas terrorists.

So let's be careful and not fall into the trap of lazily associating US opposition to Hamas as opposition to the whole of the Palestinian government, let alone the whole of the Palestinian population, as Siyam would have us - and more importantly, the Palestinian people - believe.