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Giving Material Support to the Enemy?

Jeff Stein, National Security Editor at Congressional Quarterly, has written an article on the recent English-language terrorist assessment of the American Intelligence Community (IC). Stein sought reaction and analysis from a wide variety of sources, including Rita Katz, director of the SITE Institute, Evan Kohlmann, terrorism consultant and Counterterrorism Blog contributing expert, former CIA officer Robert Baer, and Marvin Hutchens of ThreatsWatch among others.

The holy warriors’ intelligence shop may need a shake-up, by the looks of a new analysis of White House responses to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, circulating among password-protected jihad Web sites.

“Myth of Delusion: Exposing the U.S. Intelligence” (sic), authored by a rising star in the al Qaeda hierarchy, relies on openly available materials — congressional and other official investigations of intelligence failures related to the 9/11 attacks and the war in Iraq, along with media exposes and scholarly studies — for its wide-ranging book-length report on the operations of American spy agencies.

But when it comes to analyzing the Bush administration’s emergency responses to the al Qaeda hijackings on 9/11, it reads like an Oliver Stone script.

That it does. In our own initial analysis, we arrived at a similar conclusion that "at many points, The Myth of Delusion also reads like a Conspiracy Theorist’s Intelligence Bible."

Stein includes varied reactions to the jihadi English-language effort among professionals and experts and forms an interesting mix of analysis and commentary. He arrives at a challenging question after looking at what Mohammed al-Hakaymah's writing does (and does not) accurately portray through open-source information, Congressional and Intelligence Community leaks and media reporting on things such as the secret NSA surveillance program and equally secret US Treasury counterterrorism measures.

All of which raises a dilemma for Congress, not to mention the media: Can it meet its constitutional obligation to ride herd on the government, including U.S. intelligence, without giving material support to the enemy?

There is little question that exposing secret counterterrorism efforts does just that, as does broadcasting terrorist propoganda as recently and shamefully done by CNN with its airing of a terrorist snuff film of jihadi snipers killing US servicemen.

The original Hakaymah document can be seen as an example of the damage such leaking and reporting can do. It can be read in full and/or downloaded via ThreatsWatch resources at the following link:

The Myth of Delusion: Exposing the American Intelligence


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