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Taliban Relief = Taliban Attacks

I happen to like the Seattle Times a fair bit, but in this instance their editors seem lacking or at minimum behind the knowledge curve for their choice for the following headline to a pretty good recap of events regarding the Taliban in North Waziristan: Truce Deals May Be Helping Taliban Rebels.

The article appears orignially at Newsday (Taliban Truce Raises Doubts) and is worth your read from either source regardless.

Since Pakistan signed a truce in June with the Taliban in its border region of North Waziristan, "we have seen a 300 percent increase" in Taliban attacks in the adjacent Afghan provinces, a U.S. intelligence officer said Tuesday. Most came from Pakistani soil, he said.

This month, Pakistan converted that truce into a long-term pact that Musharraf said bars the Taliban from crossing to fight in Afghanistan. Military analysts in Pakistan and Afghanistan say the deal cannot be enforced and is a surrender to the Taliban. President Bush has defended Musharraf, saying simply, "I believe him."

Again, Pakistan's disengagement has only freed the Taliban-al-Qaeda aliance to increase their attacks in Afghanistan's direction (to the tune of tripling their attacks, no less). And the 2,500 Taliban & al-Qaeda terrorists released were freed on the condition that they not stay in Pakistan. Three guesses where they have headed... (Hint: There are more than three destinations.)