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Re: bin Laden Death Report Questioned

Steve notes at the end of bin Laden Death Report Questioned that UbL is unlikely to go without medical treatment. He cites his wealth and stature.

Certainly UbL's place at the forefront of the mujahideen would make him a priority candidate for medical treatment. Likewise the number of physicians - such as Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri - who are likely to be close to him would increase his likelihood of receiving medical care.

On the other hand - his wealth has been over stated for years and is now part of his lore and mythology more than reality.

Is he dead? Unlikely.


If really a water-borne illness like typhoid or cholera, even a rich man could succomb, if the disease were allowed to take its course for a few days.

On the other hand, I've kin from Missouri... "Show Me!" and then I'll believe.


WRT to this and the last post:

If the CDC has reasonably accurate information, doesn't it follow that if we can establish that OBL had typhoid fever we could then establish where he was at?

So dead or not, it's a lead.

Personally, I hope he isn't dead. I'd much rather we splatter a healthy OBL ourselves rather than letting Mother Nature have all the fun.