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Pakistan Defending AQ Safe Haven

Foreign Minister Khurshid Kasuri was defending Pakistan's peace deal with the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance in the Waziristan provinces Sunday.

"I can understand why people are confused, but there's a time when not just brawn but brains are also needed," Foreign Minister Khurshid Kasuri said. "Sometimes what happens is that when you have acts of violence you end up alienating the local population."

Brains. Including, perhaps, sending more than just conscripts into the region to face an enemy with superior motivation and terrain knowledge.

It was a choice. Confronting the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance was deemed less necessary by Musharraf than the conflict in Baluchistan over gas and oil resources and the show of force on the Indian border. Serious considerations to be sure, but there is no escaping that America and the West are left holding the bag.

Precisely who was being alienated by Pakistan's decision to hand over both Waziristan provinces is open to interpretation.

Perhaps the executed 63-year-old man in North Waziristan would challenge Foreign Minister Kasuri as to just who was being alienated. "A note found on the body said the white-bearded man who hails from Ederkhel Tribe of Teshil Mir Ali confessed to spying for Americans during interrogations, and anyone doing such a thing will face the same fate."

It cannot be stressed enough that this is a nuclear power ceding more and more territory to a global terrorist network. The rest of the North West Frontier Province is next on al-Qaeda's list....a stone's throw from Islamabad.

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....that America and the West are left holding the bag.

I liked it! This is just the beginning. And do not forget what you are going to hold on the other side of the fence.....in Afghanistan! Taliban are not going to go away. Bring more body bags for your youthful deads.