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Iran Claims Nuclear Fusion Program

Add to the list of great coming mullah accomplishments: Nuclear Fusion. How hard can it be?

The Atomic Energy Organization official, Mr. Sadat-Hosseini, said in Tehran that his country is "competing with the advanced world" in seeking to produce energy from nuclear fusion.

The statement came as a surprise in the midst of the grave international dispute over Iran's nuclear fuel-enrichment program, which the United States claims is part of a plan to develop nuclear weapons.

Sadat-Hosseini's comment drew immediate media attention, because fusion is a technique used to create the explosion in a hydrogen bomb -- a far more powerful device than the fission atomic bomb.

In comparing fusion with fission, the basic difference is that fission produces energy by splitting the atom. Fusion, on the other hand, fuses atoms together, which give off surplus energy as they combine.

It's as if the Iranians don't know when to stop. Remember the last time they were "competing with the advanced world" with claims of developing a stealth aircraft. You know the one...the one with that big whirling radar-reflecting metal propeller atop a big metal A-frame mount?

Flying Boat
Nuclear fusion. Right. Gotcha.