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CIA Interrogations Exposed 14 Attack Plots

Hot Air has video up of ABC's Brian Ross discussing his Intelligence sources who claim that, while some of them remain opposed to such practices as waterboarding, this and other methods of interrogation have broken such men as Khaled Sheik Muhammed, the 9-11 mastermind, and prevented at least 14 attacks, including another airliner plot to strike Los Angeles' Library Tower.

Those who oppose CIA (formerly) secret detention centers and selective application of harsh tactics will never know just who is alive today that otherwise would not have been. [Note: I personally do not equate waterboarding with torture. I equate with torture bamboo chutes under fingernails, being strapped to an electrified box spring mattress, being hung by the wrists (tied behind the back), and having toes and fingers smashed with a hammer. None of these we employ.]

Also recently from Brian Ross is this: Musharaff Reveals New Bin Laden Intelligence. However, the 'new intelligence' is more stating the obvious than the sharing of any intelligence.