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Why Someone Has to Win

With all and sundry calling for a ceasefire in Lebanon, or perhaps a "sustainable ceasefire" if you prefer that, I came across a satire written by "Curzon" at Coming Anarchy which distills the pure inanity of most discussion of the current conflict between Israel and Hizballah. This is really hilarious, but there is a serious point to be made:

Talks Between Confederacy and Union Collapse; Sherman Reissues State of Emergency
The London Times
May 22, 1889

Representatives of the Confederate States of America walked out of London peace talks yesterday after the United States negotiator refused to guarantee that Washington would recognize the legality of slavery in any new federation. The talks, the first of their kind in more than two decades, were considered by many to be the last best hope for a permanent peace solution in the continent in a standoff which is now approaching its fourth decade...

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