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Why I Won’t See The Movie “World Trade Center”

The movie World Trade Center opened recently (See: ‘World Trade Center’ a waiting game - MSNBC). I am sure that a lot of people will flock to see it. I expect that it will be a success at the box office.

I will not go to see it. And I will not watch whenever it reaches cable television.

September 11th remains indelibly etched in my mind. There are certain psychological cues that will simply reduce me to a sobbing bundle of mush. There is a visceral reaction to the Star Spangled Banner or Kate Smith singing “God Bless America” that needs no reminder.

I have heard quotes from some people who saw the previews. One that sticks in my mind is that the movie “brought them back to the reality of that day.” The person quoted doesn’t live anywhere near New York City or Washington DC. I don’t need to be reminded. I saw the smoke rising in the Western sky that morning after the first tower crumbled. I don’t need a movie to bring back those memories.

And yet, there are people who have asked me, “What was it like that morning?” I don’t need a movie to remind me.

I have heard people say that they hope all of America sees the movie because they fear that some Americans have forgotten what happened on September 11th and forget that it could happen again. Maybe that is true of some sections of the country. I do not believe people who lived through the emotions and the terror of September 11, 2001 need to be reminded.

I will not go to see it. And I will not watch whenever it reaches cable television.


You are wrong. This movie was done so correctly. It did not play on our fears. It was a story about heros. Give it a shot. a

Well, the fact that you disagree with my opinion, doesn't make it "wrong." I know that one of my associates here also disagrees with my opinion.

Quite simply, I need no reminder of how I felt that day. I still feel that way. And my wife feels the same way. That is not to say that many people will see the movie, and will be reminded of that day nearly five years ago.

Jeffrey Imm on the Counterterrorism Blog posted his own opinions about the movie:

The Problem with 9/11 Movies in USA

I can't forget that day and the ensuing days. A movie won't change that for me. The question is what we are doing to ensure that it never happens again. If a movie re-instates a unity of purpose to defend this country against terrorism for those people who see it, then it will be good.