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When Will NYC/NJ Connections Surface?

Pardon the thinking aloud, but terror attacks on the United States have almost always had a New York City and/or New Jersey connection. At some point, Bojinka II surely must lead back to that region.

Whether it was the terrorists of September 11, 2001 moving into a Paterson, NJ apartment or Abdul Rahman Yasin, Ramzi Yousef and blind shiekh Omar Abdel-Rahman and the infamous Jersey City mosque, New Jersey seems to be a comfortable location for terrorist congregation and New York City an obvious target-rich environment.

Whether it's hours or days, the links to New York City and New Jersey are sure to eventually come. Ask yourself, if the terrorist plane bombers were preparing for 'dry runs' from London to the United States - reportedly including New York, Los Angeles and Miami - where were they going to be staying? While a Motel 6 is surely possible, there are al-Qaeda-friendly contacts galore in New Jersey, from Jersey City to Newark to Paterson.

That much has been made clear, including within the 9/11 Report by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.

The only question that remains is when we will learn of the Bojinka II connections to “young, longtime residents or citizens, inspired by al Qaeda and perhaps loosely linked to the old hierarchical terror group” right here in the United States.

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I remember attending a counterterrorism conference back in April 2005 during which the Director of the NJ Office of Counterterrorism made one of the presentations. He warned against becoming complacent simply because a new strike hadn't occurred on U.S. soil since Spt. 11th. At the time, he used the example of the two 16 year old girls who had been detained as suspected suicide bombers.

The section of New Jersey that you noted, Jersey City, Newark and Patterson (as well as the Oranges), are areas of suspected support.

While I am not as sure as you are that a NJ/NYC connection to the Airline terrorist plot will be found, I have no question that there are "terrorists among us" just as there are terrorists among the citizens of Great Britain.

The question though remains, that with all of the increased surveillance that has come to light, wouldn't we already know?