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Video: Hizballah Bunker Next to UNIFIL Position

Just as Judith Klinghoffer says, "You do not need to know French to get the gist of this France 2 showing what Hezbollah bunkers looked like or that they were just a stone throw from a Unifil position."

Watch the France 2 Video.

Just a stone's throw indeed. With such detailed observance and publishing of IDF troop movements, surely Hizballah did not construct such elaborate bunkers without UNIFIL noticing, let alone reporting or publishing its location.

Kofi Annan may think Hizballah can be disarmed through negotiations rather than force, Hizballah surely laughs at the thought and the UN - as this bunker's quiet presence clearly indicates - has no interest in pressing the issue, even through negotiations.

So while the LA Times' headline reads that Nasrallah "Indicates Regret for Kidnappings," he does not regret it enough to set them free.

And why should he? Counterterrorism expert and international negotiator Jesse Jackson, after all, has at last arrived to negotiate a prisoner swap on Nasrallah's behalf, meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad and Hamas' Khaled Meshaal.

It's difficult to imagine even making this stuff up sometimes.