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Turkey Halted Even More Iranian Missile Shipments

The interception of Iranian (and Syrian) airlifted missile shipments to Hizballah may have been even more pervasive than acknowledged to date. An Israeli website, Israel Today, is quoting a Turkish newspaper that reported 5 Iranian cargo jets and 1 Syrian cargo jet filled with missiles and bound for Hizballah at the height fo the Israeli campaign against the terrorist group in Lebanon. From Israel Today's "Turks intercept Iranian missile shipment to Hizballah":

The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet is reporting today that Turkish authorities intercepted five Iranian cargo aircraft and one Syrian aircraft carrying missiles to Hizballah.

According to the report the aircraft were forced to land at Diyarbakir Airport in southeastern Turkey. The aircraft were not allowed to take off after US intelligence sources found there were three missile launchers and crates of C-802 missiles on board the planes which were identical to the missile that struck the Israeli Navy Ship “Hanit” during the war.

Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz said that Israel will continue to prevent weapons from reaching Hizballah from Syria and Iran. “I will not allow the situation that happened before the war to return,” said Peretz during a meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul. He also asked Gul that Turkey send troops to the international force deploying in Lebanon.