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Swinging From Cedars

Define "Understatement"...

Lebanon's Cedar Revolution Hangs In The Balance

The fears expressed in the article from various sources spring from very, very real and present dangers.

In part, it is the result of the artificial ending of a civil war, with 'peace' dictated and administered under Syrian terms and physical control. However, the ceasefire recently imposed by the world via the UN - and the resulting preservation of the Hizballah terrorist organization that dominates 1/3 of Lebanese territory - is no less artificial. If Lebanon descends into chaos - the preferred working environment of terrorist entities - there can be little doubt that Hizballah will dominate.

In such a case, the Cedar Revolution will be relegated to distant memory...an opportunity for freedom and independence lost that will have become too painful to remember.

It may seem too ironic for critics to grasp, but truly only Israel and the IDF can save Lebanon from a steep descent into the darkness of an Islamic 'Republic,' and client status to the mullahcracy of the messianic Iranian regime.

The Lebanese Army is far too weak, segregated and infiltrated. It is incapable of saving itself or its countrymen from the ambitions of the Iranian Foreign Legion of Hizballistan.

The victory voluntarily ceded to them has emboldened Islamists of every stripe throughout the region and, yes, the world.

Rather than loose the dogs on those that prefer us dead and on those who openly wage war in God's name ('Crusade', anyone?), we have beaten ourselves with the fists of self-loathing and thrown our bloody selves into the shark tank for a blind swim.

We have already fed them the appetizers. They want a meal.

The sharks are circling. Watching. Stalking. Smelling blood and sensing weakness.

Have you noticed?