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Yemen as Terrorist Recruiting Ground

Armies of Liberation links to a report on Yemen's failed attempts to prevent Yemenis from joining terrorist groups in Iraq. After a Yemeni man blew himself up in the course of executing a suicide attack, Yemeni officials noted that men under the age of 35 were prohibited from traveling to Saudi Arabia, Jordan or Syria (I suspect that Jordan patrols its border as well as possible, but one can get into Syria from Jordan). I wonder how hard they have been trying. Perhaps not real hard, since Interpol complains that after terrorists recently escaped from prison, Yemeni authorities failed to provide the international organization with fingerprints. And of course, some officials are simply pro-terrorist - remember the court that acquited 19 al-Qaeda members, saying that it was legitimate jihad.

And apparently some Yemeni men are also going to Afghanistan to fight on the side of the Taliban. Does this sound familiar? I haven't seen any reports of Yemenis traveling to Afghanistan to fight on behalf of the elected government there.