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Obsession: NYC Docu-Movie Screening

Monday and Tuesday nights, the new documentary/movie Obsession will be screened. It is a film that takes a look at the deadly quest of radical Islam, its various sects and the threat it poses to the Western civilized world.

Says Monica Crowley:

"This is the film the enemy doesn't want you to see. Obsession lays bare the true nature of the threat from radical Islam, and the true intentions of those who embrace it: expansion of their heinous ideology by the sword. This film takes an unblinking look at their past, current, and even more frightening, future actions. For your security and the security of the country, Obsession is a must-see. "

Frank Gaffney, founder of The Center for Security Policy and tonight's post-screening speaker, says that "The full dimensions of that War for the Free World are laid bare in Obsession from an extraordinary array of sources."

If readers are interested, the full events listing and tickets are available online and include visits to Detroit, Denver, Cleveland and Montreal, among others. For those outside those areas, a DVD can be pre-ordered online as well.

ThreatsWatch will provide a review of the film in short order.