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No Explosives in Seattle Port Containers

Following up an earlier report on the two containers from Pakistan via Hong Kong that were held when gamma ray screening showed a density discrepancy between the cargo and the manifest, Reuters reports that there were no explosives inside them.

Seattle Police determined there were no explosives in the container, but officials are still checking for hazardous materials and are not prepared to give an all-clear, said port spokesman David Schaefer.

Authorities set up a 2,000-foot (610-metre) perimeter around Terminal 18, just south of downtown Seattle, Schaefer said. The U.S Coast Guard also established a 300-yard (274.3 metre) perimeter in the water.

"We've determined that there are no explosives," said Schaefer.

Not completely clear, but it's looking positive. Two good developments here:

1. No apparent bomb.
2. Port Security Vigilance on clear display.

Number two is particularly important and good to see. When it comes to security, we are far better safe than sorry.

Hats off to the men and women at the Port of Seattle. They make it happen without the fanfare that should equate the importance of their duties.

When you applaud your favorite athlete, actor or musician this week, squeeze in a round or two for those who truly deserve far more than they receive.