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Mohatashemi: Hizballah 'Main Element' of Iran's Military

Al-Sharq al-Awsat (English) has an article on recent comments by Ali Akbar Mohatashemi, a former Iranian diplomat and "founding father" of Hizballah which may add something to public understanding of the precise relationship between Iran and the Lebanese terrorist organization. While Iran's sponsorship of Hizballah is widely known, it appears that these recent comments may shine additional light on exactly how intertwined Hizballah is with the remainder of Iran's military complex:

...The issue remained a mystery until this week, when Ali Akbar Mohatashemi, the former Iranian ambassador to Syria and the founding father of Hezbollah, revealed that members of the Party of God participated in the Iran-Iraq war side by side with the Revolutionary Guards. He described the relationship between Hezbollah and the Iranian regime as much more than the one linking a revolutionary regime with a foreign organization. Hezbollah, he indicated, is one of the institutions of the ruling regime in Tehran and a main element of its military.

Mohtashemi, one of Ayatollah Khomeini’s students, told the Iranian Sharq newspaper on Wednesday, in a discussion about the ongoing conflict in Lebanon, “Hezbollah has a huge arsenal of heavy artillery rockets and missiles, including Katyusha and Zelzal. Israel is 200km long which means that a Zelzal-1 missile, which has a range of 250km, is capable of targeting all of Israel...”

The full article has more details.