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Lifson on Journalism and Information Warfare

At The American Thinker, Thomas Lifson offers an excellent view of the changed face of journalism - and Information Warfare - as the speed of information flow seems to overwhelm long-standing traditional media outlets.

News organizations such as Reuters are now learning lessons provided by a connected world with subject matter experts (SMEs) abound. These organizations, once sole arbiters of the flow of information, are now adapting to the reality that the information they publish is now scrutinized (and often debunked) in less time (and often with more topical authority) than the publishing organization required to produce it.

Note: For instance, to media outlets, a picture is often a picture and bodies simply bodies. But a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, one of those words is "Possum"...

Lifson is absolutely correct: "Journalism has changed forever."

And this is good. Very good.