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India Braces for Terror Attacks

Following a Sunday threat that a nuclear plant faced a terrorist missile threat, Mumbai security forces created a 'fortress' effect ahead of planned celebrations marking India's 59th anniversary of independence as a nation.

Mumbai is India’s financial capital and the site of the July 11 synchronized bombings of commuter trains that killed over 200 and injured four times that number. Lashar-e-Taiba has been suspected by Indian authorities of planning and executing the attacks. India Defence reports that two Pakistani terrorists from Lashkar-e-Taiba were arrested in Mumbai Monday.

Last week, the founder of the LeT, Hafiz Mohammed Saeed, was arrested in Lahore, Pakistan in connection to the latest UK terror plot to blow up as may as ten US-bound airliners in-flight.

Just as Hizballah is granted victory by the UN ceasefire - representing the world's unwillingness to confront terrorists - there is a convergence of darkness afoot.

The West would do well to pay attention.