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'Hizballah Bridge' in Bangladesh

In case anyone ever wondered why the Israelis would do such a thing in rejecting Bangladeshi troops as part of the UNIFIL bolstering, perhaps the recent naming of a new bridge the 'Hizballah Bridge' by the Bangladesh government may have had something to do with it.

A new bridge in southern Bangladesh called Hezbollah after the Lebanese group fighting Israel in a month-long war has been renamed, a highway official said Tuesday.

A junior minister, who named the bridge earlier this month to honour the party, has ordered the highways department drop the name, the official said.

"We have now changed its name to Hazrat Omar Faruq bridge," said Mofizul Islam, an executive engineer with the roads and highways department which constructed the bridge.

Such impartiality would have been perfect for impartial UNIFIL observation posts.