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Friday Night Radio: Talking Iran

At Midnight EDT / 9PM PDT I will be appearing once more on Wide Awakes Radio's Seeing Red…With Kit and Heidi, taking a look at the latest from Iran, the coming announcement of their decision on the West's nuclear offer and related events. Many thanks to Kit & Heidi for another invitation.

As an aside, there have been previous radio appearances, including Into the Night with Jack Riccardi on CBS Radio/KTSA San Antonio and Hoppy Kercheval's West Virginia MetroNews TalkLine.

Previous appearances were not mentioned here for fear of appearing somewhat self-serving and gratuitous. However, the hosts were gracious enough to ask ThreatsWatch to share some thoughts on various subjects with their listeners - from Iran to the Israeli conflict with Hizballah to the UK airline bombing plot. The least we could do is live up to their performance expectations and provide a link to their programs.

With both thanks and apologies to Jack Riccardi, Hoppy Kercheval and Kit & Heidi, we will alert our readers to appearances as possible going forward (some are breaking news driven and last minute).