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Zawahiri's War on the World

The al-Jazeera clip of al-Zawahiri's statement has been archived and made available for download by Laura Mansfield today. Her analysis is ongoing (check for updates) and she summarizes:

In the message, Al Qaeda second-in-command Ayman al Zawahiri threatens the Israelis and the west in retaliation for the war in Lebanon.

Zawahiri’s key points are:

* The world is a battle field open in front of us.

* This war with Israel cannot be ended by ceasefires or treaties.

* This is a jihad and will continue until the religion of Allah rules the world.

* Everyone taking part in these attacks will pay the price.

Lest we forget who our enemies are, the al-Qaeda / al-Zawahiri message should restore any clarity lost.

It should also be noted that Zawahiri condemned Arab regimes who criticized Hizballah, effectively renewing calls for grassroots jihad against them as well.

With calls for jihad against Israel, the United States, Arab regimes, and the whole of the West, the hatred for the 'apostate' Shi'ites is seemingly shelved for the moment. But it cannot last forever. The Salafist al-Qaeda is truly in a war against the world.