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Wee Willie Keeler and al-Qaeda in Africa

At Family Security Matters, Dr. J. Peter Pham reminds us that, while current attention spans are dominated by conflict in the Levant between Israel and Hizballah, al-Qaeda is making significant efforts (with some clear success) on the continent of Africa. As he clearly points out, these efforts extend well beyond Somalia.

For the purposes of brevity, consider his conclusion:

In short, even if some analysts inside the Beltway cannot or will not see it, our jihadi foes are already setting their sights on Africa as the venue of choice for future operational bases, especially as they continue to be rooted out of Afghanistan, Iraq, the Arabian peninsula, and now, Gaza and Lebanon.

Over the long term, a terrorist foothold in Africa—whether among the Islamists in the Horn of Africa or in West Africa or both—may well prove to be an even greater threat to the interests of the United States and its allies than those in the current arenas of conflict.

We have been warned: al-Qaeda itself has served us notice.

No longer than many newspaper articles, Dr. Pham's writing should be read in full. That al-Qaeda is taking a page from Wee Willie Keeler to "hit 'em where they ain't" should not come as a surprise...nor go unnoticed.