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Update on Nasrallah, Apparently Alive

Unfortunately, Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hizbullah, seems to have survied the airstrike yesterday evening of a Hizbullah bunker. Watching Al-Jazeera just now, they showed a video clipping of an interview with Nasrallah and a live discussion with the journalist who conducted the interview. As usual, I cut in about in the middle of the show, so I didn't get the full context, but it certainly appeared that this interview was after yesterday's strike. The journalist was wearing the same shirt in the live interview as the video, suggesting that there wasn't too much time between them. I note that the Jerusalem Post has just now posted an article with a photo from the same video but limited information. Al-Jazeera's website does not as of right now have anything on this in either the Arabic or English version.

We will update as more information is available, but it looks like Nasrallah is alive.