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UN Working on 'Lebanese' Deal?

The headline reads: UN working on new deal between Israel and Lebanon. It opens:

The United Nations is working toward a new diplomatic arrangement between Israel and Lebanon that will be based on implementation of Security Council Resolution 1559, calling for the disarmament of Hezbollah, the restoration of Lebanese sovereignty, and the deployment of the Lebanese army to southern Lebanon.

No diplomatic deal between Israel and the Lebanese government is going to disarm Hizballah. Period.

The "restoration of Lebanese sovereignty" would necessarily include the defeat of Hizballah - in place - and the return of the land of Hizballistan to the Lebanese people.

There is no way that the Lebanese Army is going to deploy and disarm Hizballah. Quite the opposite would be the more likely outcome.

If it is truly desired by the UN that Hizballah be disarmed, they would abandon designs on a ceasefire and move their reams of paper from the path of IDF Merkavas.

Even then, without a blocking force, much of Hizballah would merely be pushed from the south into Syria only to await another day, re-armed.

That's just the way it is. There are no easy answers.