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The Hizballah Nexus - Beneath the Radar

At ThreatsWatch, we often refer to Hizballah as the Foreign Policy Arm of the Iranian mullahcracy. This is for good reason. ThreatsWatch readers are regularly reminded that Hizballah is both a 1980 creation of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and regarded by many as both more capable and more dangerous than al-Qaeda, which is perceived by most Americans as the preeminent international terrorist group.

With this in mind, we encourage readers to read an article written by J. Peter Pham & Michael I. Krauss titled "The Hezbollah Nexus?". It opens:

The Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah has enjoyed a respite in Western news of late, even though it continues to augment its considerable weapons stockpile despite being required to disarm by U.N. Security Council Resolution 1559 and by anti-Syrian factions in Lebanon. The United States, the driving force (along with France) behind 1559, is preoccupied with Iraq and with Iran's nuclear program. Israel, whose northern border remains vulnerable to Hezbollah "kill an Israeli soldier" incursions, has its hands full dealing with the elected Palestinian terrorist group Hamas and with its own political debate about the determination of borders. But there is reason to believe that all these issues -- the insurgency in Iraq (which is certainly being fanned by Iranian meddling), Iran's nuclear ambitions, Palestinian terrorism, and Israeli security -- are interrelated, and that their nexus is in fact Hezbollah.

They go on to explain why there is reason to believe such. Their supporting information is factual and their conclusion nails it.

We had mentioned earlier that Iran has been relatively quiet as well, particularly the normally acerbic Ahmadinejad, further demonstrating that, as goes Iran, so goes Hizballah, their Foreign Policy Arm.

It is indeed "high time to bring Hezbollah back into the international limelight." Beneath the radar is an uncomfortable place to find the world's most dangerous terrorist organization - well funded, well trained and well supplied by their Tehran terror masters.

(Pham and Krauss are both adjunct fellows at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a visit worth your valuable time.)

1 Comment

Glad to see you address this area. With Iran's President, Sadr and Hezbollah meeting in Damascas, anyone in the intelligence community is now aware of deep ties across boundaries of Shia and Sunni.

Truth is its always been this way, but with us square in the middle of Iraq, the Heart of the Beast, they had to travel and meet in person, be exposed and fully shown for who they are.

This should make for some great graphics in Connecting the Dots for espionage, terrorist activity and the like which traffic across many countries.

Anyone seen the Java program which connects information? I think we need an independent terrorist map tracker with full on connectors, historical references, etc., in this war on terror. Tied into front groups and people who've been seen associated with thugs and scum. Nothing better than shining the light on em.