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The Hizballah, Hamas & Fatah Alliance

Arutz Sheva reports an anonymous Palestinian Authority source stating that Palestinian terror groups are allied with Hizballah. The source said that the connection 'is not new.'

This connection and cooperation, however, was publicly disclosed by Zakariya Zubeidi, the West Bank's Jenin leader of Fatah's al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades.

Consider referencing a March 2006 InBrief titled Hezbollah, al-Aqsa and Islamic Jihad Coordinating Attacks:

It has been noted by many that, while Hamas remains in power, the burden of Israeli attacks will shift squarely to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Zubeidi confirmed this point blank, saying, “Hamas will not carry out military operations in Israel during the next weeks and months. We, the Brigades and Jihad, will take over this role.” He also noted his plans to tighten the alliance between the long-time Iranian-backed PIJ and al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and proclaimed that, contrary to recent statements denying such, al-Aqsa is receiving material support from Iran via arms, money and training from Hezbollah. The denial may have come from the PIJ, but can there be any doubt that, if al-Aqsa is receiving training, money, and arms from Iran’s Hezbollah, that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad most certainly is? In fact, Zubeidi went so far as to confirm that al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades coordinates terror operations with Hezbollah. “Without the help of our brothers in Hezbollah we could not have continued our struggle. They give us money and weapons. We coordinate our military operations.”[Emphasis added]

Arutz Sheva reports an al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade spokesman as saying today that Hizballah's rocket and missile attacks are a "message and a mortal blow to Israel."

It also quotes the Palestine News Network (PNN) as broadcasting, "The Lebanese resistance movement, Hizbullah, and now its General Secretary Hassan Nasrallah, have affirmed commitment to aiding the Palestinians against Israeli attacks."

Wherever Hizballah is, Iran must be considered present as well (direct Iranian contact with Palestinian terror groups notwithstanding). For, without Iran, Hizballah decays rather than builds. With Hizballah's natural decay, the coming onslaught in southern Lebanon would not be on the radar.

So, while headlines are dominated by the Iranian nuclear crisis, it should be crystal clear that it is not so much the nuclear weapons that give rise to the urgency. If it were the weapons that were feared, why the (relative) calm with regard to Indian, Chinese or even Pakistani nukes? No, it's the people that would wield them that determine the level of fear. China's communist rulers, for all their obvious faults, are rational. It would be hard to imagine them seeking suicide by initiating a nuclear strike. The same can be said of India and, under the current regime at least, Pakistan.

But in Iran, with a fascist theocratic mullahcracy clearly bent on the destruction of Israel, one can not say the same. Iran, the world's fourth largest oil producer and exporter complete with an over $75 per-barrel windfall, is led by men who forged it into the centerpiece of international terrorism.

Their purse strings and weapons supply have been opened to terrorists worldwide, including al-Qaeda. This money and arms has bought them influence and power to varying degrees within all of them, leading to concerted direction.

This cannot be made any clearer than the coordination and cooperation among Iran's child, Hizballah, and the Palestinian terrorists.

This current conflict, recall, was precipitated by nearly identical attacks from first Hamas' attack and abduction of one IDF soldier followed by exactly the same by Hizballah in the north, opening a second front.

No, it's not the nuclear weapons that should be the focus with Iran.

It’s the Terrorism, Stupid.