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Speaking of the Muslim Brotherhood

In Egypt, the MB is predicting: Mubarak to Relay Power to Son 'Within a Year'.

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is predicting that President Hosni Mubarak, 78, will relay power to his son Gamal within a year. "The matter will not go on for more than a year," Muslim Brotherhood deputy secretary-general Mohammed Habib said. "Perhaps less than a year."

Habib said he expected an increase in restrictions on democracy, free speech as well as thousands of arrests of opponents of the regime.

And in Algeria, on Monday:

Algeria's Muslim Brotherhood has joined other Arab Islamists in slamming Israel's military operation in Gaza, which it warned will lead to international chaos.

The Algerian Peace Society, the Brotherhood's political arm, said in a statement Monday "the movement strongly condemns such (Israeli) violations pushing towards chaos worldwide."

The group, which participates in the ruling coalition, called on the international community to act immediately "to strip the Zionist government from its nuclear arsenal and stop the machines of mass destruction and deter this (Israeli) administration, which does not recognize international legitimacy but works on fuelling international terrorism, with practices that can only be considered as official terrorism."

Curiously, no statement condemning the indiscriminate rocket attacks on the Israeli towns of Ashkelon and Sderot or noting the contributions Hamas' kidnapping and execution of a teenage Israeli civilian play in "violations pushing towards chaos worldwide."