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OBL Message: 'Not So Fast'

About that impending message from bin Laden, Andy Cochran says 'not so fast'. He notes Evan Kohlmann's experienced view on the word of a new message at the Counterterrorism Blog:

However, there has been no confirmation of an upcoming message from as-Sahab itself, and Evan Kohlmann warns, "The indicators that would suggest a new Bin Laden audio is coming out are more or less flat. There was one random message on the Internet posted by one random person, that's it. At least in my book, that's what you call an interesting but unsubstantiated rumor."

So perhaps the world's people can resume their normal daily lives again.

Andy also notes this possible significance of the Saudi Wahhabi cleric's fatwa against Shi'ite Hizballah. We noted at the time:

al-Qaeda has trained many men in Hizballah’s Bekaa Valley. Perhaps Sheik Abdullah bin Jabreen did not consult fellow Saudi Wahhabi, Osama bin Laden.

If word of a bin Laden message on Lebanon, Hizballah & Israel proves false, then perhaps he did consult our al-Qaeda friend.

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The way in which UBL comes down on this will bring the split in Sunni Wahhabis and Shiite jihadists fully into the open.