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Nasrallah in Damascus?

While speculation on the whereabouts of Hizballah political leader Hassan Nasrallah continues, news of the whereabouts of its elusive operational leader, Imad Mugniyeh, would surely be of infinitely more value. That said, according to a Kuwaiti newspaper "known for its opposition to the Syrian regime," Nasrallah is in Damascus.

A top Iranian envoy was in Syria on Thursday for talks on the Israeli-Hizballah conflict in a meeting that brought together the guerrilla organization's two key sponsors, according to Iranian news reports. A Kuwaiti newspaper reported that Hizballah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah was taking part in the session.

...Kuwait's Al-Siyassah newspaper said it learned of the meeting from "well-informed Syrian sources" it did not identify. According to the newspaper, Nasrallah was moving through Damascus with Syrian guards in an intelligence agency car. He was dressed in civilian clothes, not his normal clerical garb.

While unconfirmed and no less (or more) speculative than earlier reports that he had been holed up at the Iranian embassy in Beirut, it is worth noting that both reports could be true. Or not. Both are plausible.

Nasrallah's voice is easily replaceable. Mugniyeh's mind, on the other hand, is not.