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If Hizballah Had Merkavas

This PowerPoint slide show hosted by our friends at Vital Perspective gives a very revealing look at the nature of Hizballah's missile attacks on Haifa, as the warheads are packed with ball bearings and other anti-personnel projectiles. The IDF is not in force in Haifa. The aim is clear: Kill Israeli civilians.

This intent is what separates the Israelis (and the West) from the terrorist enemy. Civilian casualties from Israeli attacks are because the enemy embeds himself among them.

To not engage him, even with as much precision as possible, is to cede him victory and condemn one's own civilians to undefended slaughter.

This is unacceptable.

This recognition is also why so many of us have so little patience with the many screaming for cease-fire due to civilian losses. While we are branded warmongers and callous, the enemy relishes in his neighbor's home, launching rockets from another's backyard.

If the equipment and weapons available were to magically switch sides, finding the Israelis with AK's and Katyushas and the Hizballah with Merkava tanks, F-16's and 2000lb bombs, can there be any doubt - any - that hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians would be eclipsed, buried beneath the rubble that once was Haifa, Tel Aviv and Ashkelon?

Hold that image and take a closer look at Beirut today after over a week of fighting. Check that civilian number once more while at it.

This is certainly not to dismiss the losses as inconsequential. But consider the nature of civilian embedding Hizballah practices and a week of attacks from the Middle East's most fearsome military power. How is it not more?

Answer: Hizballah targets civilians while the IDF goes to great lengths to avoid them without ceding victory to a murderous enemy who employs his own as human shields.

Civilians are defended by Israel, while Hizballah and their Iranian masters employ their usefulness as both targets and shields.

Remember...If Hizballah had Merkavas and F-16's...