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Hizballah: 'Special Forces Brigade of Iranian Army'

In today's InBrief, Ground Push Imminent as Hizballah Rockets Fly, we noted Hizballah's system of tunnels and use of villages as guerrilla defenses. As well, DNA cites Jane's Defense Weekly's article noting that Hizballah is using Viet Cong-style defenses, including tunnels and trenches near the Israeli border. From it, consider this quote from an 'unnamed senior [Israeli] defence source':

"We should consider that what we are facing in Lebanon is not a militia but rather a special forces brigade of the Iranian Army. They are extremely well trained and equipped and charged with high motivation to continue fighting."

And that they are indeed.

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The perception of Hizbullah as an elte Iranian military force is not only limited to the Israeli defence community. AFAIR I saw long time ago a book in Poland, issued by Bellona Publishing House, about Hizbollah, that was a part of "Elite Forces of the World" series.